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April 08 2016


2015 Topps Dynasty Baseball

Bullpen sports cards
2015 Topps Dynasty can be a mighty fine product. I am certain the cards are great looking and high quality and I must admit I really like Topps baseball cards over-all others, but when you must shell out $400 for a packet that contains 1 card, I will be thinking some people will likely be doing their dough, Moulah, cashola. I have a Freddie Freeman and I must confess it looks great but I am certain $400 it isn't, so I got on and did some research.

Topps Football cards
over the last week or so these prices happen to be realised Albert Pujols/5 $162. Randy Johnson /5 $157. Jose Abreau /5 $159. Cal Ripken /10 $177. We can easily admit these are Stars and i also would probably pay these prices as being a collector but once again they actually do seem to not be worth $400.

Then I found some great prices realised and good to the collectors who bought these cards Jimmie Foxx 1/1 $1,725. Deion Sanders /5 $400. Mike Trout /10 $380 and Kris Bryant /5 $600. I think the Trout looks ok with those prices and the Foxx WOW great price realised.

Next look for the unfortunate along with the lucky Hanley Ramirez /10 $45 OUCH. Reggie Jackson /10 $62 OUCH. Craig Biggio /10 $63 Lucky to the Buyer/Unfortunate for the seller. Corey Kluber /5 $58 Ouch. As you have seen Ouch is way short of the $400 to buy a 1 card Packet.

While i was doing my research I found this oddity Andres Gallarraga /10 $257 compared to other prices I would have found this to become considerably overs paid.

Now my bug bear with this product, I collect all 4 sports and enjoy doing so. If I am gonna shell out $400 for a 1 card packet of top quality quality baseball, I'd be hoping to get a BASEBALL Card using a BASEBALL player, not Will Ferrell (he is doing make me laugh though)or Dan Marino (though he could throw a football effectively), for $400 I want a Baseball card using a baseball player.

Don't be the product, buy the product!